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I partner with individuals who are ready to harness their innate gifts and strengths to make significant changes in their business and to have a fuller, richer life.

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You don't have to go it alone. I know the value of having someone in your corner.

Many years ago, I experienced what felt like epic failure, and in a very public way. My life was at a low-point—I had lost my business, I had lost my house, I couldn’t seem to maintain a long-term relationship, I was drinking too much on the weekends, spending too many days recovering and just surviving, and I was working three jobs to keep myself from having to think about the hurt and pain that had accumulated over the decades. I knew something had to give and that I needed to make some serious changes if I wanted to find happiness and someday reach the happy and healthy age of 104, as I had always dreamed I would, and still do. I was deeply unhappy, and worst of all, I was ashamed and embarrassed about the situation in which I found myself. 

One of the most significant steps I took in pulling myself up from the bottom was to hire a career coach. Through the coaching process, I was able to see more clearly what I needed for myself at that moment in time. I was able to embrace my innate gifts and strengths as I moved forward and to forgive myself for not being perfect at everything. I let go of the things that weren’t moving me forward, and I started taking things one day at a time, knowing that every day was a step forward to the life that I wanted. 

As I write this and I look back and where I’ve come since, I am married to my wonderful husband, Steven, I finished my bachelor’s degree after a nearly thirty year break, we survived a pandemic, I own my own business again, we have two of the cutest fur babies, we own a house in our dream city, and I get to do what I love most—create connections with other curious and creative people who want a fuller and richer life. 

As your coach, I want to partner with you to make the changes in your life that will bring you to a place of richness, purpose, and greater fulfillment.

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Based on your unique needs there are several coaching options available.


All coaching, including business, has elements of personal coaching. A good coach will hold space for you to look within yourself for the necessary skills you already possess for learning and growth to occur. I can help you clarify your values, vision, and goals, for you and your business.


Our individual sessions are carried out with complete confidentiality over Zoom, and they are tailored to support your unique goals. 


Being in business for yourself can be one of the most exciting and terrifying things you will ever do! Let me help you navigate these waters, so that you can shine like the star that you are!

Contact me to find out more about my services.

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Advanced Education for Beauty, Health & Wellness Professionals

As an entrepreneur myself, I share in the excitement of business ownership. IMAGE Studios® is a deeply driven company that strives to inspire and motivate our IMAGE Pros to achieve success through entrepreneurship. We have developed a business training program that improves the professional and personal success our professionals.  

IMAGE began in 2009 when brothers Jason Olsen and Shaun Olsen saw an opportunity  in the beauty, health, and wellness industries to disrupt traditional business ownership by creating an innovative business model that would change the way established  professionals owned and operated their businesses. They consulted with me and other  professionals in our industries to help create the first IMAGE Studios® entrepreneur collective in Draper, Utah. We now have locations all over the country, and education and professional development have guided our core values, business programs, and training  resources ever since our first location.  

Our IMAGE Pro Success classes will help you build your brand and your business. Each training module is designed to provide you the necessary skills for success. IMAGE Pro Success also includes training in retirement planning, self-care, and professional boundaries so IMAGE  professionals can have more money and more time for the other parts of their lives that bring them joy. 

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Matthew Landis Atelier

Open since 2018 and located in Salt Lake City's trendy 9th & 9th neighborhood, we provide an intimate, boutique salon experience with some of the city's most experienced hair experts. We carry exclusive luxury brands Kerastase and Shu Uemura.

All of our stylists are independent. For booking an appointment go to, or call or text: 

Ashton Anderson     (801) 550-8780

Christina Kulias        (801) 557-4557

Katie Plank               (801) 597-9177 

Lexi Jeffers               (385) 449-8042

Nick Makilehe          (202) 713-0695

Nikki Breedlove       (801) 913-3653

Steve Petersen        (801) 201-6054

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