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Partnering with a Former Salon Owner and Business Expert for Profound Transformation

For 27 remarkable years, I proudly thrived as a highly sought after hair stylist and salon owner. During that time, I realized that the essence of both business and life lies in the power of connections and relationships. My journey in the salon world granted me invaluable insights into the vast tapestry of humanity, exposing me to the joys and challenges that life throws our way.

More than a decade ago, my personal transformation took a pivotal turn when I enlisted the guidance of a career coach. Their support and wisdom brought clarity to my once-clouded vision. (You can explore my story further on the home page.) Now, as a certified coach, I am dedicated to empowering individuals and groups to tap into their inherent gifts and strengths, helping them overcome the obstacles obstructing a fuller, richer life.

My early career as a hairdresser led me to prestigious cities such as New York, Atlanta, and Miami Beach, where I had the privilege of collaborating with industry titans and top talent. In 2002, I returned to my hometown of Salt Lake City, where I embarked on building and managing salons for Sanctuary Day Spa. In 2005, I proudly founded Landis Lifestyle Salons, a namesake establishment that quickly flourished. Within our first full year, we achieved a staggering $2 million in revenue, consistently generating an average of $70,000 per month in retail sales. These milestones were made possible by the exceptional team I assembled, the transformative environment we created together, and the effective systems we implemented.

From 2009 onward, my expertise extended beyond my own ventures. I served as a consultant for IMAGE Studios, a groundbreaking salon suite concept that now boasts over 250 locations nationwide. For over seven years, I even operated my own hair studio at IMAGE Studios in Salt Lake City. Currently, I hold the position of Industry Expert for IMAGE Studios, where I develop and deliver business and marketing education to beauty, health, and wellness professionals.

Fueling my drive are the core values of curiosity, connection, and creativity, which have led me on exhilarating journeys around the globe. I have lived and experienced life in diverse locales, including Germany, Australia, San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, and New York. However, it is in the vibrant oasis of Palm Springs, California, that I have found my truest home alongside my beloved husband, Steven, and our cherished canine companions, Bruno and Ruth.

As your partner in unlocking your business potential and fostering meaningful connections, I invite you to embark on a transformative journey with me. Together, we will delve into the depths of your aspirations, dismantling obstacles, and paving the way for a future teeming with success and fulfillment. Let curiosity guide us, let connections empower us, and let creativity fuel our pursuit of greatness.

Contact me today, and let's embark on a transformative journey that will reshape the trajectory of your business and life.

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