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Beyond Social Media: Customer Referrals Are The Real Secret to Success

Updated: Jan 14

In today's digital age, social media often dominates the conversation around marketing to grow clientele. While social media undoubtedly offers valuable avenues for connecting with your clients, there's another, often underestimated, powerhouse for business growth: customer referrals. Research shows that 64% of new business still comes from referrals. In this post, we'll delve into the undeniable benefits of prioritizing customer referrals and explore actionable strategies for harnessing this often-overlooked resource.

Authenticity of Customer Referrals:

  • When someone refers your services to their friends or family, there is an inherent level of trust and credibility that is more powerful than a social media post.

  • The beauty, health, and wellness industry is all about connection and forming authentic relationships with our clients. Unlike social media interactions, which can sometimes feel impersonal, referrals often stem from genuine, positive experiences and relationships.

The Economic Impact:

  • There is little investment in the way of time or money to get referrals compared to the energy spent coming up with content or money spent on social media advertising. The only expense I recommend is having physical gift cards on hand for promotional purposes. 

  • What is the lifetime value of one client? Satisfied customers not only come back and spend money, but also become brand ambassadors, driving additional referrals over time.

Actionable Strategies for Harnessing Referrals:

  • There are few words that drive action more than, “I could really use your help.”  Let your clients know that you are building your business, then ask them if they know anyone just like them that could use your services. I guarantee they will say yes. 

  • An incentive program isn’t always necessary, but it can be a great way to start the conversation. People don’t care about discounts, but people love cash and gifts, which are basically the same thing. Offer a gift certificate for their potential referral and one for them in an amount of your choosing. Give it to them now so they have a physical reminder of the commitment they made to help you. It’s unlikely they will try to use it before they’ve honored your commitment, and besides, you have a handle on your business—you know who comes in and out.

  • Ask for a Google review. The more good reviews you have, the higher Google will prioritize your listing, and a review is like a digital referral. Customers are looking for your services. Help them find you. 

While social media will undoubtedly still play a pivotal role in your marketing, it's essential not to overlook the invaluable potential of customer referrals. By prioritizing authentic relationships, harnessing the economic benefits, and implementing strategic referral programs, you can unlock sustainable growth, foster genuine connections, and cultivate a loyal customer base that extends far beyond the digital landscape. 

Ready to harness the power of customer referrals for your business? Join Matthew and IAMGE Studios Marketing Manager, Taylor Phillips, for our 3-week course, IMAGE Pro Marketing, January 22, 29, and February 5, 2024, 12pm Pacific/1pm Mountain/2pm Central/3pm Eastern. Email me at for more information how you can join us for this course.

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