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7 Tips to Survive and Thrive During the Holidays

Article originally appeared in the IMAGE Insider, November 2021

Holidays should be a time for relaxing, celebrating, and giving thanks for the good things in our lives, a time for delicious food and drink, a time for giving, time to spend with those closest to us and with those we never get to see enough.

Too often as business owners we allow the holidays to become our worst nightmare, overbooking ourselves and trying too hard to be too much to too many. This holiday season, here are 7 things you can do to survive and thrive:

1. Set boundaries. Remember that these are YOUR holidays too. Don’t let someone else’s poor planning or desperation dictate your schedule. No squeezing people in. Don’t let your ego or need to please sway you. This includes those people you love who don’t understand how your schedule works or that you cannot make more time.

2. Avoid big changes or projects. Unless you are charging a premium for it and the time was set aside beforehand, save things like makeovers for a new year, new you campaign.

3. Avoid the January/February blues. Rebook your clients into the new year when things often slow down.

4. Upsell. Clients are in a generous mood. They want to treat themselves to the best you have to offer, whether it’s a treatment they’ve been wanting to try, a retail package you recommend, or services and products they want to gift someone else.

5. Have gift certificates on hand. Clients and their family members in-the-know are looking for gift ideas. And what better way than a visit to your studio? (The IMAGE Pro Print Store has you covered for sleek, professional looking gift certificates.)

6. Give back. Take a day to volunteer for a cause that speaks to your heart, collect food or gifts for those less fortunate, or ask your clients if they would like to add a little extra to their ticket for your favorite nonprofit.

7. Take care of you first. Give yourself a break. Eat lunch. Leave the building. You’re not much good to anyone else if you’re burned out. And don’t forget to breathe.

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